Proposal Time!

So although the story of how we met was nothing special, thankfully I can’t say the same about our proposal. It’s my favorite story because it was such an intimate setting with my boys and our favorite photographer. (If you live in Northern Michigan and haven’t checked out Sarah Papes Photography, you should do so). 

The beginning of the story goes a little something like this:

Our photographer Sarah Facebook messaged me on my way home from work and asked if I would be willing to have some family pictures done with Brian and the boys so that she could have some updated pictures for her Mothers Day ad. Of course I said yes, (I seriously schedule family pictures for us at least twice a year with some mini sessions in between because yes, I’m the mom that’s 100% extra). So I call Brian to tell him that we are having pictures done on Thursday March 16th, and the mundane sound of disapproval that came through the phone had me apologizing for days to come.

March 16th, 2017. The day is here. I go to work, rush home after to try to touch myself up as best as possible, and make sure everyone is dressed in the outfits that I had picked out for them. God knows boys and men cannot coordinate themselves. The whole time Brian is acting so out of character, fixing the gel in his hair, changing shirts two or three times, pacing, and just acting all the way around anxious. At the time I thought nothing of it and told him to hurry up and grab the boys coats so we could get started. We walked out on the trails behind our house in the woods and Sarah stopped a few times to pose us with the sun setting behind us through the trees. I remember every single minute of this photo shoot like it happened yesterday. There were still spots of snow here and there, it was freezing out still. As we all know, Northern Michigan is almost never warm in March yet, in fact, we are probably lucky that there wasn’t a snow storm that day. Sarah stops to get a shot of the boys with Brian together and as I go to grab Brian’s jacket he folds it up nicely (um, like what? since when do you fold your jacket ever?) and sets it near Sarah’s camera bag. Again, I’m still not picking up on anything because I am the most oblivious person I’ve ever known. We find a spot in the back and Sarah tells me to stand where I’m at and she goes behind me about 10 feet to position Brian and the boys. She wanted a shot of “mom standing up front with the boys behind her looking at her”. Of course I’m such a control freak that I kept turning around to make sure that everyone was positioned where they should be, and Sarah told me “do not move, just keep looking up here toward me”. She snapped the shot…..


After this shot was taken, she said she wanted to get a picture of me walking back toward the boys so she told me to turn around and start walking…


It took me a minute to realize that he was holding a ring in a black box in his outstretched hand since I didn’t have my glasses on or my contacts in and I’m as blind as a bat. BUT once I realized what was happening my heart just burst. There is no other way to describe it. TO TOP THIS OFF, Brian says “will you marry me” and I’m all like, “YES!” and I start walking to have him put that gorgeous ring on my finger and he tells me, “It’s your grandma’s diamond” so then of course I had to ugly cry like Kim Kardashian…


*Peep Jayce’s photobomb faces through each one HAHAHA*

So then we walked back to our house because our hands were frozen, and my parents, sister, and best friend were all there with Big Al’s Pizza (this is a staple of life in Northern Michigan) and champagne of course! So we celebrated and I was over the moon and I’ll never forget that brand new feeling of knowing that I was going to be Emma Jane Pendrick in just a year and half.


So that was that, and here we are, and so it goes.

Now we are officially 112 days from our October 5th wedding date and I could not be anymore overwhelmed excited!

From Miss to Mrs, here we go!



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