Weekend Recap!

This Father’s Day weekend was such a fun weekend!

Friday night Marek went to his dad’s, and Jayce went to his moms early so he could go down state and see some family. So for the first time in MONTHS, Brian and I had a date night!

We’ve been trying to find places close to home to spend our money. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good weekend trip to Traverse City. But to drive an hour and 15 minutes to get there just for dinner and a few drinks can be expensive and such a long drive. So we decided to go to a local restaurant called Barski!

So, anyone that knows me knows that chicken strips/ chicken tenders are my weakness. Yes, I’m 5. So when Brian told me Baldwin MI was home of his all time favorite chicken strips I was a slightly skeptical. Now Barski isn’t a super high class restaurant, but more of a bar scene. With that being said, the food was absolutely DELICIOUS. Y’all, I do not like spicy foods, but these jalapeno poppers were the best things I’ve ever tasted. A full size jalapeno, (not those little things you microwave from Gordon Foods) with the most delicious blend of cream cheese and other cheeses with a crisp hand breaded batter on the outside. They weren’t too spicy, just very flavorful. THEN… Oh boy, then they brought out the chicken strips…..

Sorry I didn’t get a picture of the jalapeno poppers, we ate them too fast…

These were the best hand breaded chicken strips I’ve ever eaten. They were deep fried to perfection. Slightly sticky on the outside, and crunchy, but very tender on the inside. I can’t rant and rave about these enough…


If you’re ever in Baldwin Michigan, I would highly recommend! We will be back to try more of their delicious eats.

So then we drove home after a few drinks…

We went home and enjoyed some beers on the porch and then had a nice movie night in. We seem like we are getting old, but these kind of date nights are most special to me.

SO THEN on Saturday morning, my mom and I went to Traverse City. We have Brian’s dirty thirty coming up so we had to stop at SAM’s Club, and we have pictures coming up for the boys so of course they needed new outfits. THANK YOU BABY JESUS, Macy’s was having HUGE sales, and of course we had to hook the boys up with some Tommy Hilfiger swag.


Tell me these aren’t the cutest outfits you’ve ever seen? They’re definitely going to be looking their best for their Lemonade Stand Mini session by Sarah Papes Photography.

And of course, I forget to buy myself anything when I go shopping because I get so caught up in getting the boys stuff… Totally normal though. I DID however, buy myself a cute dress for my couples bridal shower, AND bought myself two cute tops for work. I get bored with my work attire.

The next big thing we did while in Traverse City was stop at Men’s Warehouse to pick out the suits for our wedding. We all know Brian and his groomsmen wouldn’t have been able to do that without me, so I have it all set up so that they can just go up and get fitted with a reference number. It’ll take them 10 minutes. You’re welcome. Boom!

They’ll be looking something like this… Thank you Pinterest for the reference photo and inspiration!

I didn’t get any pictures on my phone from Father’s Day, but Jayce came over to see Brian for a few hours and they played outside, enjoyed a little ice cream sundae bar that I set up for them, and the boys bought him a new YETI cup and shirt. It was a beautiful weekend, and then I finished it all off with one hell of a sunset on the backwaters off of Loomis Landing in Wellston with my in-law’s on the boat…

We truly live in God’s country up here in Northern Michigan… I think I’ll stay.

That’s what the weekend wrap up looks like here from the Pendrick household! This week I’ll be sharing some different wedding things as well as some new updates on the kids and our summer festivities.



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