Wedding Guest Book Alternative

Now that our wedding is just 108 days away I am starting to get into the smaller more intricate details of our big day. One of the things that I thought very little of until a week ago was the guest book. I asked my mom about her guest book, and where it was. She told me it was in the basement, and they’ve gotten it out MAYBE three times since the wedding to prove each other wrong about a guest at their wedding. It’s this horrid white lace covered book with a big white bow (wedding fashion in the early 90’s was less than stellar if you ask me). So I started looking on Pinterest to see different ideas, but that was almost overwhelming how many different suggestions were available. I went to Etsy, typed “guest book alternative” and then my prayers were answered immediately.


I bought this from the Etsy shop The Best Day Ever Store and I could not be more impressed. It’s light, so hanging it will be a breeze. The color is perfect, and it will look so nice with everyone signing it in white marker. I wanted a “guest book” that I could hang up and look at, something to remind me of all of the special people that spent one of the most important days of our lives with us. (Plus it’s in the shape of the most beautiful state in the U.S, of course it’ll be my favorite piece of decor). 

Some of my close second’s for a guest book alternative were these (all from Etsy of course), Tpc Design StudioLydia’s Graphic Pallets, and Severina Snow.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with a change in pace on some good new reads I’ve picked up. In case anyone wanted some of that “unsolicited advice” I promised in my first post.



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