Chaos Continues…

Chaos… “complete disorder or confusion”

If that doesn’t accurately describe our life as of recent, then I don’t know what would…

I haven’t written in weeks because we have just been SO BUSY. June was full of birthday parties for us. My sister, my sister in law, my dad, and Brian turned 30 29 (again) this year! To top that off, I am taking four, yes I said FOUR online courses for college trying to get this degree done with. Oh yeah, and working still full time.

So it’s been pretty hectic!

So with that being said, I will leave some pictures of Bri’s 30th, (I mean 29th) as well as some photos from the 4th of July parade that we were in and also some random photos from the last 2 weeks.

(We didn’t take many pictures from the 4th because we were trying this new thing called “being present” with out children instead of having our phones out the entire time the fireworks were going off like everyone else did.) Rest assured, even though there are no pictures proving so, our boys had the time of their lives this week.

29 again……
Ice cream cake with our triplet nieces and boys for Brian’s birthday party
Aren’t these birthday cookies the cutest?! ABC Cookie made them, right out of Manistee, MI!
These were on sale on Etsy, still in love with them.
Riding the crane in the parade!
“Don’t strain, call Zupin Crane”

That’s all until tomorrow when I show off a few more of my favorite wedding pieces, as well as the production of our wedding table center pieces!



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