Monday Morning Reflection

And may I mention, coffee?

It was definitely hard to wake up and come back to work this morning after having 4 days off last week/weekend. The fourth of July always flies, and even though we went and saw two different sets of fireworks shows, shot off our own fireworks, had a cookout with our neighbors, and spent at least 3 days on the lake it STILL doesn’t feel like the fourth of July has come and gone. Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

So I will leave you with some pictures and updates on how our week was after the fourth. I think I previously stated in the last update post that I hardly took any pictures over the fourth because we were having too much fun… So…

Brian and the boys down at Lake Michigan looking for beach glass
Excuse my face and hair, but we were having a blast hunting for beach glass at Magoon Creek in Manistee on Friday!
Dozer, our 152 lb Bullmastiff loves the fireworks we set off in the driveway

On Saturday morning we set out for an adventure to Bear Lake, courtesy of Captain Bob.

Jayce, Bella, and Marek ready to go tubing behind the Bennington!
The carefree summer vibes that both Brian and I grew up with… So thankful to pass that on to our kids
Jayce and Bella fishing off of the dock
Brian and Captain Bob in the Mastercraft
Jayce in his big boy Kayak. We are excited to train in the lakes for a year or so before hitting the river

So in a nutshell, that was our weekend. Sunday we laid around and caught up on chores because we were so tired and sore and sun-kissed from the previous day on Bear Lake. Winding down from a fun weekend is always hard on a Monday morning but it makes me that much more excited for the weekend to follow!

This weekend I am going with my mom and sister for my dress fitting (whoops, I forgot to lose the extra 10 pounds that I wanted). I say that as I sit here eating mashed potatoes and gravy.

I’ll be back later this week to share some of my tips on meal prep for the week with two boys and a fiance as well as a review of a date night restaurant that we are going to try in Ludington on Saturday night.

Until then,



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