Good shoes take you to good places (down the aisle)

Let’s talk wedding footwear for a moment. Although they are hidden by your gown most of the night, they are still a crucial part of your wedding day look. Now, anyone that knows me knows that I am like my mother and also my late grandma Marge. We love heels! As one of the most influential designers in high-end footwear once said, “The higher the better. It’s more about an attitude. High heels empower women in a way.” – Christian Louboutin

So of course I took that to heart, and although I wish I was about to write about my beautiful pair of Louboutin’s for my wedding day, the $1,295.00 pair that stole my heart were just not in the budget. (They were in fact about $1,095.00 over budget for wedding shoes I might add, HA!)

I DID however splurge a little more than anticipated and bought some GORGEOUS Badgley Mischka’s that were much more in my budget.


IMG_3227 (1).jpg

Now I will be completely honest, they are not the most comfortable shoes in the world but how could I pass these up!? They are everything I wanted to complete my fairy tale look and I am so stoked. I’ve worn them around the house, and I of course had to go stand in them for over an hour while I was fitted for my dress alterations and since then they’ve broken in a little bit better making them more comfortable.

FullSizeR (1)
See?! I’ve been wearing them at home (peep my cute jammie pants)


Thankfully they are much more broken in since this first day I had them on.

Are these the most practical wedding shoes? No. Thankfully my reception is indoors so I won’t have to worry about the grass, etc. Since the wedding ceremony itself is outdoors however, I did order these on amazon:

FullSizeR (2)
$10, and great (and somewhat comical) reviews! Almost 5 stars!

So I am waiting for these to get here so I can try them out in my own yard. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Next week I’ll be back with some updates on the preparation for my themed bachelorette party with some sneak peaks of my dress for that!

Until next time,



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