Wedding Invitations

Wedding invites! The first impression for everyone who will be attending your wedding. I had never really put too much thought into the invites for our wedding because after doing some research on them, holy crap are they expensive. I tried to find the cheapest website to make ours on, but I just wasn’t loving the options or should I say lack there of…

SO! I decided to design ours on regardless of the price. Let me tell you why…

There are quite a few websites to choose from when it comes to personalizing your wedding paper products such as Basic Invite, Shutterfly, Vista Print, etc. Minted really outdid all of these websites (IMO of course) because not only were the designs out of this world BEAUTIFUL, but they really showcased the designers of the products. I am all about giving credit where credit is due, and when you design something that looks like the invite below, you deserve to have your name printed on the back of each and every invite sent.


They also gave me the option to enter in the names and addresses of our guests to have them printed on the envelopes with some beautiful matching greenery, and the best part was this was FREE since I had a coupon code. They also have you submit your information and customize the invite, and then the designer sends you an email with your proof done for you to view. Super fast, super nice, and very easy to work with. I was impressed, but WAIT, THERE’S MORE.


When I opened the box after delivery, I found that the box had been HAND PACKED with a little note around the invites that said “packaged by Mark especially for Emma”. I just really thought this was the coolest thing since sliced bread. It made it very personal, and I love that.


So, out of all of the websites that I had visited in the invitation journey, I would recommend over and over and over again. The customer service and quality are truly worth every penny. Like I said, this is the first impression to your wedding so make sure it’s everything you want to set the tone!

Until the next wedding post!




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