Boy Mom

I grew up as a pink wearing, ballet dancing, Britney Spears loving girly girl with one other sister. There was absolutely nothing to fully prepare me for mothering two rambunctious, dirty, loud little boys. It wasn’t like I was never exposed to crazy little boys, after all my aunt and uncle had FOUR of them who we were around often. But I think just simply being around boys does not fully prepare you for parenting them. I can see all of you moms with boys out there, shaking your heads in agreement. You understand what I’m talking about with the heart that stops as they launch themselves from the top of the play set, or the scream of *insert first and middle name here* when they push their sibling off of the trampoline. Boys are just wild, and I’m not saying that girls aren’t so please don’t take offense if you have a wild girl, it’s just a different kind.

Things I didn’t know about boys before becoming a mother to boys:

You will literally need to go to the grocery store daily. Even if you do big grocery trips weekly. You need to go, They have hollow legs that need to be filled, I swear.

You will be wiping boogers off of walls (especially by their beds), off of your coffee tables, off of your couch, off of your kitchen counter, etc. And don’t give me that “my boys have manners so they use a tissue, they would never wipe their booger on the couch” crap… You just haven’t cleaned hard enough to find their gold that they’ve been secretly wiping everywhere around your house.

Boys are dirty. Filthy. Like completely covered from head to toes in dirt or mud. Expect rings around your bathtubs and sandboxes for your living room and bathroom floors.

Boys, MEN have a hard time aiming. If you don’t have to clean your toilets and bathroom floors daily, I need your secrets. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS. There is literally pee, everywhere.

Legos. Legos everywhere. Legos in your bed, legos in your bathtub, legos in your car. LEGOS.


You will also more than likely know each and every Ninja Turtle. Don’t worry, they will correct you if you are wrong.

Quads, dirt bikes, and anything fast. My boys love riding and I really wish they would pick a safer sport. LOL okay mom…

These are my boys… (Photos courtesy of Sarah Papes Photography)

Sarah Papes Photography

Jayce (5 1/2) and Marek (4). Although I’ve only birthed one of the two (the smaller one with the large head), there is something to be said about a connection between a mother and her boys. There is a certain protectiveness that my boys exhibit toward me that is like no other. Even though we have our disagreements (daily, over something stupid) they would still protect me and love me until the ends of this Earth. Their love is so honest, so kind, and so pure. They don’t hold grudges when I spank them, or when I yell. They forgive me, almost in an instant. And THAT is the kind of love I want. A love that can forgive, appreciate, and grow. I am so thankful for these two little boys.

And even though all of the stuff about boys being gross and wild is true, I truly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Disclaimer: I had to bribe them with M&M’s for these pictures. Thankfully Sarah is great with them.

Until next time!



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