Hidden Lake Fun!

It is nothing new to us that we live in a low income/ high poverty area. The small town of Irons Michigan is home to just under 2,000 people which brings new meaning to Journey’s “small town girl” reference, am I right? When we tell people where we live, they all have that same look in their eyes. The look of apology or sympathy is usually what we get, but truthfully, our small scarcely populated area is home to so much beauty and nature. Living in Lake County is just as it states, full of lakes.

We have a small lake right behind our house which we’ve never been on until recently due to the fact that it is a private lake with no public launch. Since befriending our “neighbors” that live on the lake behind us we have been granted access through their property and we have been taking FULL advantage of this beautiful lake!

Perfectly still, like glass.
This cute small dock


Brian even caught some fish!


Learning to fish while enjoying the sunset
One of the few residents of the lake built these little birdhouses and put them on trees all over the lake.

Fishing, frog hunting, kayaking, canoeing, (it’s not much for swimming because of the muck) this lake is but a dream. I am making it my personal goal to be able to check out at least 2 more lakes here before summer is done.

So next time you’re in northern Michigan, stop by Irons and enjoy some of the beauty it has to offer in this rural setting!

Until next time!



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