Hello Fresh: My two cents

With me priding myself heavily in being extremely resourceful with our budgeting, trying a food service such as Hello Fresh was never really something that was on my radar. Let’s face it, these food services that are delivered to your door seem too good to be true, am I right? Well mostly that’s because they are. Let me just say this, they. are. expensive. End of story. But is it really the end of story?

I decided to try Hello Fresh because I had a decent coupon that knocked the price of two family meals for 1 week down to about $40. Keep in mind that I can generally feed my family of 4 for $60 per week so that’s SUPER pricey (in my book). However, I wanted to try something different and just see what all of the buzz was about. So we (by we I mean I) ordered, and BOY OH BOY do I wish I could order Hello Fresh 7 days per week, 363 days per year. I only say 363 because I would never give up Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas dinner. That would be sacrilege against everything that is holy.

How it works: They deliver the box to your door on a Tuesday. Worried about how the meat is doing in that box while you are gone or at work? No need to fret! Everything in the box was still cold when I brought it inside after 6 hours in the 80 degree heat, I could feel it through the cardboard.


Super cute and witty!

As you open your box you find that there is all very environmentally safe packaging that can all be recycled. LOVE! Plus there are ice packs that are used to keep the meat and produce cold that are reusable, and with boys in the house you can never have enough of those.

You will find your meat separate (yes it was all still frozen and in neat little packages). Then there will be two (well unless you have ordered more), bags that are labeled with whatever meals you have picked.


Inside of this paper bag are all of the ingredients that you need for the meal including all produce, breads, cheeses, seasonings (excluding salt and pepper, they assume you already have these). This part was my favorite, and do you want to know why? It’s because I had everything that I needed to make a meal and I didn’t have to run around my kitchen trying to find everything nor did I have to step one foot into the grocery store. I love to shop, but grocery shopping is not my favorite. I didn’t have to worry about if I had forgotten something small, because it was all there… In the bag.



They also send an inventory list, and on the back are the detailed and VERY EASY instructions on how to make your meal. It describes what each ingredient goes to, and the best way to prepare it to ensure that you don’t mess it up. It’s easy, even for those of us who aren’t the best at cooking.

Everything all prepped and ready to cook

The final result?

Drum roll please….




The food was fresh, you could tell by the taste alone that it was great quality food. It was so delicious. My favorite part about this is that it encourages you to expand your taste buds to try something that you wouldn’t normally make. These cheeseburgers were made with a chipotle kechup that had a little zing, but was delicious.

Tonight we are making the pork poblano tacos that we ordered as well.

So the end result on Hello Fresh? I am absolutely in love, and I would recommend it to anyone that can afford it. The ONLY downside is the price. We don’t even like to go out to eat as a family because of the cost, and I would say that Hello Fresh is about the same price as it would be for us to go out to eat, or pretty comparable. So it’s more of a “special treat” than an everyday dinner option. It was tasty, fresh, punctual with time and absolutely amazing!

Let me know if you want to try it for a discount and I can give you a code for checkout!

Until next time,





3 thoughts on “Hello Fresh: My two cents

  1. Thanks so much for following my bike etc. blog! Yours looks nice. Yeah hello fresh sounds great if you have the money. I see you’re in Michigan, I got to visit 9 summers ago and it was cold (for a Texan) and I enjoyed it, wish I could have seen more. Do you bike? Happy blogging!


    1. Hello! Yes, it is much colder than Texas! It’s really beautiful though. Being from Michigan has be dying in the hot heat whenever we visit our family in Arizona. I don’t bike, but I admire people that do!


      1. Hi and yes it is pretty up there. If I could be a heatbird and have a summer home up north I would. A main point of my blog is most people can bike and it’s fun, transportation, good exercise and good for the environment. I have done a lot of miles but many do even more, however that’s not necessary to gain benefits. So maybe you’ll try it? A three wheel recumbent even. I bet your boys bike. Anyway, have a good day!


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