Wedding Registry: For Couples Already Living Together

When I began putting together my our wedding registry, I quickly came to the realization that most of the things that couples usually add to a registry were things that we already have. Some of the things could be replaced such as our glassware, dinnerware, and towels, but most of it was still in good condition with no reason for replacement. Let’s be real here, one can only have so many measuring cups and coffee mugs.

So what do you add to your wedding registry when you’re living in an already “established” household? Here’s what we did…


First off, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- Amazon. Amazon was my favorite place to register and I would highly recommend it even over popular stores such as Target. Our Target registry kept showing my guests “unavailable items” without notifying me. Also, when we would go to edit that registry there were half of the items marked as “currently unavailable” which is super inconvenient for our guests. Don’t even get me started on Kohl’s who wouldn’t recognize my address making it impossible for guests to even ship us anything from our registry. That one was deleted shortly after completing it. I was NOT happy with Kohl’s at all. Plus, Amazon has so many Prime items and of course those are shipped right to your house two days after your guests order them. I’m telling you, you can’t beat it.

The actual list:

The best advice that anyone is going to give you is to break up your list by room category. This way you can think of all of the things you need and it’s not in one big jumbled up mess.


The only things we needed for our bathroom were new bath and hand towels, and a new waste basket. We already had fixtures, decorations, toothbrush holders and soap dispensers that were all still cute and in good condition. Usually you just want to get rid of all of your parents hand-me-down towels at this point.


Again, we already have a bed. Here is a chance for some upgrades though. Every single one of our pillows was a hand-me-down from our parents or friends. They had been balled up from numerous trips to the washing machine, and years and years of use. We have a king size bed, so we put king size pillows on our registry, and new pillow replacements for both boys and for our future guest room. We also put a replacement bed skirt and duvet cover on the registry. A new set of sheets or two would go great here too if we hadn’t already bought ourselves some with gift cards from Christmas #adulting. Feel free to throw in some decorative pillows for your bed, nothing like those cute newly wed decorations. Nothing feels better than fresh, crisp, new bedding.


Here comes the more lengthy part of our registry. The majority of our kitchen utensils and equipment are mismatched or hand-me-downs. Of course there is nothing wrong with this, but the older I get the more I would like to have some matching sets for when we have guests over. Our cups and glasses were all various sizes, shapes and colors. Our dishes with multiple chips in them. This was a great opportunity to put on some items that we don’t have yet or some items to upgrade our kitchen:

Awesome Pie Dish, because nobody wants to use the disposable tins forever.


We only have plastic mixing bowls, glass is nicer for microwave use.










My grandma always had pitchers for when guests would come over for dinner. Much nicer than having to fill each glass at the refrigerator or the sink. This also allows me to be able to have lemon infused water on hand! The new glasses were a necessity since our glassware was mismatched beyond belief.

The coolest part of the Amazon registry is that whatever is sold and shipped by Amazon you can get a 20% discount off of whatever is not purchased after the wedding.

This is why we listed some kind of ridiculous things on our registry such as a nice copper platter for $140, and a Canon camera. Yes, they’re expensive. No, we did not actually expect anyone to buy them. But they were both something that we I wanted so why not put them on there and have 20% off of each item after the wedding?

Of course we had to put our kitchen aid mixer on there too, how else were we supposed to successfully produce mass quantities of pizza dough?

I can’t even count on both hands how many times we’ve utilized this bad boy already. These things are definitely worth the price.


Whether you have kids, pets, or just a husband who doesn’t like to take his shoes off, *cough cough Brian* You need a carpet cleaner if you have any carpet in your house. Maybe I’m the only one, but renting a carpet cleaner thoroughly grosses me out. Who wants to honestly “clean” your carpets after several other families with filthy dogs, cats, and kids cleaned theirs? No.

This is from Mommy Dearest, terrifying movie. You should watch.

Also in the miscellaneous section, I put a steamer for clothes. I’ve always dreaded ironing. You need to get a collapsible board, a towel, and it literally turns into a 30 minute gig just to get some wrinkles out of my kids Tommy Hilfiger shorts. However, if you’ve ever used a stand up jiffy steamer, you know that it’s the answer to all of us mother and wives prayers. Easy, much like straightening your hair. Much less maintenance. They run about $200 but are worth every penny in my opinion just from the time savings. I feel like it’s a necessity in any household. I can finally put my iron to bed. Robert Downey Jr’s bed that is…

I definitely don’t look that attractive ironing anything…

Also in the miscellaneous section can include things such as:

Outdoor games, camping gear, deck and patio furniture/decor, car gadgets and tools. After all, this is a wedding for both the husband and wife…

Our registry also had Lowe’s or Home Depot gift cards for that never ending honey-do list for B. Lot’s of home improvement in our future.

So although this doesn’t exactly look like the typical wedding registry, this is what ours looked like as a couple who already owns a home and has most of what we need.

Until next time!



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