I’M BACK: Updates on our lives

Hi guys! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything and I promise I have a good explanation (or two).

First off: SUMMER IS COMING TO AN END. That means we’ve been making the best of summer with the kids before they started school (which was yesterday morning for the biggest and today for the little one). Getting them to pose for pictures isn’t always an easy task at 7am, but hey, we got the job done.

Daddy’s little mini me


Of course little brother had to get in for the first day shots…


Ugh, the cutest! 

Secondly: I’ve been incredibly sick. Yes, moms do get sick. I thought it was a myth too, but let me be the first to say it’s wrong. I missed 4 out of 5 days of work last week due to an ear infection that was mistreated from the beginning. I first went to our walk in clinic (I don’t recommend those at all) to get ear drops that in turn made my ears WORSE, then to an ENT who cleaned them out for me which also caused severe pain and dizziness, and then finally to my doctor who saved me with oral antibiotics and steroids. After over a week of pain and suffering I am finally able to say I feel better! My ears are still plugged, (I’ll blame that on my ridiculous seasonal allergies which are also in full swing).

Third in our series of events: I’m not sure where everyone else on here is from, but we’re from the Midwest (Northern Michigan) and we were HAMMERED with storms and strong winds. Our county was without power for at the least 2 days, and most of them still don’t have power. There are trees uprooted everywhere, buildings with the roofs and siding ripped off, and various other damages reported. Please continue to keep them all in your thoughts and prayers while they continue to restore their lives to normalcy. So while I was sick, our power went out. I was feverish, and in a lot of pain, and our house was 84 degrees inside. I was less than pleasant (sorry Brian)! After day 2 with no power, thankfully Brian went to Home Depot and met a delivery truck to purchase a generator that can power our entire house. People were searching for generators like vultures and I am still counting our blessings that he found one. We ran the generator for almost 24 hours and then the power came back on, thank you God!

This was a tree that split and landed right between our house and our neighbors

Fourth: I’ve started school again after my two week break. Of course that two week break didn’t feel like two weeks at all. So now we are back to homework, readings, and exams multiple times a week between work and raising boys! JOY

Fifth: We went to my cousin’s wedding. Pictures below. It was beautiful, emotional, and just overall wonderful. It was a great time spent with family. Brian couldn’t go because of work but I enjoyed the time spent with my sister and parents.

Yes, the only stand up mirror I have in my home is in my garden tub… I dress up nice sometimes.
Family Christmas card, I’m sure.
Too much fun at this wedding.

Sixth: I painted my dining room. The hideous navy blue is behind us to welcome a more neutral Joanna Gaines styled dining room. More pictures to follow once the rest of the decor is put in place. We’ve been slowly transitioning our home to be more cozy and I think this took it a step in the right direction!

So yeah, as you can see there have just been endless smiles, laughs, tears, etc the past few weeks which has left me unable to create the posts that I was before. I promise to be better about this in the upcoming weeks, but with our wedding approaching in just 31 days I cannot promise that it will be weekly.

Coming up I have some sweet mom posts as well as some of my favorite small shops (mostly Etsy) for review.

Until next time!


Emma & Fam

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