Weekend Recap: Bachelorette Edition!

Hey everyone! I know it’s Thursday but I figured I better catch up with these weekend recap posts before I go into yet another fun filled weekend that I need to fill y’all in on. So last weekend was my bachelorette party, and it exceeded my expectations to be honest… Let me fill you in on our activities and I’ll share some of the less embarrassing pictures!

Friday night only half of us were there, which was totally fine by me because it gave me a night to be low key before a really fun party the next night. Myself, my mom, her best friend, my sister, and my sister in law all drove up to Traverse City to meet my best friend Kalee at the house that my mom had rented for us. I walked in the door to find THE CUTEST decorations everywhere.




Kalee had made me the cutest banner, and filled those cute little cups with beads for everyone to wear, hair ties that said “to have and to hold your hair”, a REALLY FUNNY GAME on the piece of paper, and a little individual bottle of champagne that had a label on it that said “Emma’s last fling before the ring! Sept 8, 2018”. There were balloons, and cute little signs everywhere! I was immediately excited.


So we got dressed and went to the casino. (Some of us to gamble, but me mostly to eat).

Here is a picture of me being mad at my mom for winning while I lose every dollar I put in… This is why I don’t gamble.

I seriously don’t understand how people think this is fun, but hey, to each his own.

After the casino we went back to the house for some drinks and some games. We laughed until we couldn’t laugh anymore and then we went to bed. We needed some good rest since we had to wake up for the mimosa bar that Kalee had planned and the Pancakes and Panties breakfast that my sister in law Katie planned for me! If you don’t know what pancakes and panties is, it’s where she makes me her delicious homemade pancakes, and then everyone there brings me a new pair of super cute, (sometimes inappropriate) underwear.

Mimosa Bar!


Aunt Jen got me some super cool bloomers… Can’t wait to show Brian.

Then Kalee had to leave because she had another wedding to attend. The other half of the crew showed up shortly after. We exchanged some gifts while sitting outside around the fire ring enjoying the beautiful sunshine. We had some drinks, talked for hours, and then began to get ready for our GATSBY THEMED PARTY!



Our party bus!

The party bus picked us up at 7:30 and had us home by 10:45. We went to one winery, and two breweries. Let me just say, singing at the top of your lungs with some of your favorite people on a bus with cool lights is probably the most fun you will ever have in your life. I’ve spent all week back in reality wishing I could go back to last weekend and do it all over again.

My stomach still hurts from laughing.

Anyway, if you want a bachelorette party done right, you just hit up Kalee and Katie, and Mary. They know what they’re doing.

PS: 22 days until the wedding, and I’m sort of FREAKING OUT!!

Until next time!



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