Hi guys! Ever since I was introduced to Etsy I’ve been slightly in love with the entire site. I’ve also been incredibly envious of anyone who can make such beautiful creations and sell them from a cute little shop online, some of them from the comfort of their own home! I’ve had a lot of experience with Etsy ever since we’ve began our wedding planning since, duh, I’m not making anything homemade.

I’ve ordered everything from our guest book alternative to our cake topper and all of the gifts for my bridesmaids on Etsy from one shop or another. I’m going to start a little series here (can’t promise or foresee how long it’s going to last) with reviews and suggestions of the cutest little shops for any event possible! Weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, home decor, personal items, etc!

First on my hit list: My wedding cake topper.


I didn’t want your typical cake topper. I searched for DAYS to find one that struck my fancy. Then I thought about something that would incorporate both of the boys as well and I just COULDN’T FIND ANYTHING. When I thought I found one that would have been a silhouette of the four of us with our last name underneath, I read the reviews and they were terrible. Some people had paid for theirs and hadn’t received it over two months later. Some received them broken and were unable to get another one in time. So, after having only 2 of 5 stars I decided against it.

Let’s be honest here, I wasn’t about to use the “Precious Moments” cake topper that my parents used 26 years ago. It’s heavy, and wouldn’t really compliment the simplicity of our cake. I definitely didn’t want anything gaudy or too large as there are already flower arrangements on the cake.

So I finally decided on this!

Where did I get this from?


alphabetcanvas is the name of the store. I will link them right here!

They were quick, they were polite, and the packaging that the delicate topper came in was between two cardboard pieces wrapped thoroughly in bubble wrap.

Honestly it’s one of my favorite pieces for our wedding, and it was easily the best $18 I’ve spent thus far!

Tune in next week for our next review of the various Etsy shops I’m in love with!





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