The 12 days of Stress-mas.

As the holidays approach I find myself staring numerous deadlines straight in the face. Deadlines for work, deadlines for school, deadlines for presents that need to be bought and wrapped before weekend festivities with family. Not only are these deadlines hanging over my head, but then I’m finding myself falling behind in housework (for real, who has time for this all week?!) and I’m becoming increasingly more lame with dinner planning. I’ve fed my kids cereal and frozen pizza more than I even want to admit to lately. It becomes a constant struggle to be able to find the amount of time that I need in a day, because let me tell you what- 24 hours just isn’t enough. However with that being said, 24 hours is what God is gracing us with so I need to appreciate it and make the best of our time.

The past few months after the wedding have been chaotic for me. I’ve been running in circles, winging it with just about everything, or flying by the seat of my pants if you will. After having a slight overwhelming breakdown last night, I woke up fresh this morning and decided that I am tired of being short with my husband and my kids. After all, it’s not their fault that I’m overwhelmed. So after doing some thinking and some research I’ve decided that I need to better plan out my weeks to make better use of my time, and hopefully in turn reduce my stress and anxiety of being under prepared. At the end of the day, this is nobody’s fault but my own.

Things I am doing to improve my attitude, energy, and stress levels:

I ordered this “hardcore” Lilly Pulitzer Jumbo Agenda/Personal Planner from Amazon.

What better to organize my weeks with than something this bright and beautiful!? I’m a person who loves planning. I can write down my weekly meal plans, shopping lists, appointments, and due dates in this handy dandy planner. Hopefully reviewing this daily will better organize my weeks and keep myself better on track.


You guys, I hate to even admit this… But I bought the “Calm App” subscription this year. I’ve used it a times so far, usually on my way home or on my lunch break to give myself some breathing time and some relaxation. I’m taking some time to meditate and deep breath. This is so important. This app has bedtime stories for the adults who want to be read to sleep as well, it has calming music, and it has lessons on how to meditate, relieve stress, focus, etc. I give it a 13/10.


YOGA. There are few things that make me feel better in this world than doing some stretching and exercise. Yoga absolutely changes my entire mood, day, and energy. It makes my muscles feel energized, it makes my mind more clear, and it helps with anything from headaches to digestive health. This is my #1 stress reducer and recently I’ve been doing 0 with yoga. Making a vow to get back into a weekly yoga routine. (Obviously not outside since it’s 35 outside today…)


Essential oils. The only thing I even asked for this year for Christmas was a new diffuser and some new essential oils. The Young Living diffuser that I did have was 8 years old and from my Grandma when she passed. It’s been slowly dying and not working like it used to. The few oils that I do have are running low, and I think Christmas is the perfect time to replenish! Brian ordered me this awesome starter kit that I’ll include here. The desert mist diffuser is my absolute favorite and I’m really excited to try a few of their other chemical free products that come with it.

These are just a few of the things that I’m planning on working on the next few weeks as we work our way through the holidays.

I hope everyone finds themselves surrounded by family or loved ones, and feeling the Christmas cheer! Peace and blessings!




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