Christmas 2k18 Recap

Merry Christmas, Y’all!

“Unto you is born this day a savior which is Christ the Lord”

I’m sure as many of you know, Christmas in a blended family is more like a marathon. So many houses to hit in so little time. Some years Christmas doesn’t fall on a day that we have the boys and we have to do Christmas either the weekend before or after, but this year we were lucky enough to have them on Christmas! Although of course to the kids it doesn’t make a difference which day we open gifts and celebrate, it’s fun no matter what the date is.

This year we had four Christmas celebrations. We did our annual Pendrick cousin Christmas cookie weekend at my brother and sister in laws house on the 8th. This weekend however, we had Brian’s parents, my parents, and our house Christmas morning of course.

This year we got the boys some fun joint gifts and some really fun practical things. A few big things consisted of their TV for their shared room, their ukuleles, and the bean bags they got from Grammy. They also got some really fun books, a few board games, some movies, and some cool retro toys like the rock em’ sock em’ boxing game. The boys have this new obsession with wanting a “camping” themed bedroom so Santa brought Jayce some fun camping sheets and a new comforter! (Scored that on Amazon for half price!)

I definitely dropped the ball this year with the Christmas cards- by the time I realized I hadn’t ordered any yet it was December 19th and I was finishing my final exams for my last ever winter semester of college. There was no way I was going to get those delivered and sent out before Christmas, so this year we just chalked it up to a big ole “whoops” and said “we’ll catch those next year”.

I’ll share a few pictures from our Christmas weekend- also shout out to those moms out there who shared their awesome Christmas gift guides, those things were life savers this year.

Cousin Christmas at Grammys house! Jayce, Zoey, Charlie, Khloe, Aubree, Marek, and Wyatt.
Myself, Mommy dearest, and Ruby.
Catching a picture where everyone is smiling is harder than it looks.
Things may not have been calm, but they sure were bright.

It was a busy season, and honestly I’m so sad the holidays are coming to an end. I’ve had a nice break off from work and enjoyed every second of being a “stay at home mom” for a few days. Tomorrow is back to work for a few days before our New Years Eve festivities at home with the kids, followed by a week of preparing everyone for back to school and the regular routine.

Hoping everyone had joyous holidays followed by some calm, and peace.

Until next time,


Em & Family

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