Favorite Things Friday- Wedding Cake Edition!

Yes, yet ANOTHER wedding post. I’m apologizing in advance, SORRY!

With that being said- OUR WEDDING CAKE WAS MY FAVORITE CAKE OF ALL TIME. This includes both categories of looks/presentation AND taste. Our cake was made by Jennifer Dontz from Manistee, MI. She owns Sugar Delites, and let me tell you what- that cake was an absolute delight.

Sarah Papes Photography

For our wedding cake we ended up going with a white cake with a chocolate filling in the center. It’s hard choosing a cake flavor for your wedding because you have the stress of choosing something that almost everyone will like. I wanted raspberry filling, but Brian doesn’t like raspberry, and it turns out that a large amount of people coming didn’t care for it much either. I was so happy with how it turned out and little bit that I was able to eat, or have so graciously shoved in my mouth (thanks Brian), was DELICIOUS. This was definitely not your grocery store birthday cake.

And yes, our flowers on the cake were real! Our florist Briann at Field of Dreams out of Bear Lake, MI worked along side Jennifer to ensure that the flowers on the cake were fresh, and matched the other floral arrangements from our bouquets and centerpieces.

The cake topper matched so nicely with our boho-themed wedding cake being that it was so simple yet beautiful. I made a previous post about the cake topper and where I ordered it from (yes of course it was on Etsy!)

Sarah Papes Photography
Sarah Papes Photography

The end result? I couldn’t have been more happy with how our beautiful cake turned out. Jennifer took the picture that I had shown her from Pinterest and she made it all our own. She really outdid herself on the cake, and Briann really outdid herself with the floral arrangements for it. It was everything I wanted, simple yet beautiful.

Tips for choosing your wedding cake-

  • Go in with a picture or two. If you have too many you might get a mix of all of them and not what you’re looking for.
  • Go in with an open mind as far as choosing the flavor. I knew I didn’t want chocolate, but yellow cake is my favorite. After talking with Jennifer, she said that she doesn’t recommend yellow because it doesn’t hold or store well. The white cake tasted better than any white cake I’ve had before and it went perfectly with the filling!
  • Decide your price range before going in. I knew that having a cake big enough to feed almost 200 people wasn’t going to be cheap. I also knew that fresh flowers were going to be more expensive, but I think they tied the look off just perfectly. We had discussed our cake budget with our baker before even meeting in person. This definitely helped her find us what we were looking for.

Every wedding post has me wishing I could relive this day over and over again. But since I can’t, I’m going to head out and enjoy my long weekend away from work!

We will catch up next week with a New Year recap! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Until then,




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