NYE 2018!

Our New Year’s Eve was spent much like many other parents on New Year’s Eve… at home with the kids. Now that the boys are a little older, we wanted to make the night a little fun for them too so we invited my friend and her daughter over to play some games and enjoy the ball drop!

We decided to go with a nacho platter, some spinach dip, and a few other hors d’oeuvres for dinner. (Mostly because I couldn’t muster the energy to prepare yet another meal in 2018.) But for real, I’ve done enough dishes for 2018.


Moving on! After some Pinterest searching, I found one of my new favorite games and activities ever. It was definitely something for the kids, but might end up being something for myself from now on. Drum roll please…


Such a simple and cheap way to have fun and entertain your kids. I spent $8 in glow sticks from the dollar store, and $6 on 6 soda pop two liters. Here’s what you do-


Empty out 6 two liters and strip off their labels. (I bought pop on sale for $1 a piece at our local grocery store. So this part can be cheap enough if you shop the right soda.)

For the rest of it I forgot to take pictures. FAIL. But once it gets dark you crack the glow sticks and put a bunch of them in each bottle. Then you grab either a see-through hamster ball and fill that with glow sticks as well, or take a regular dodgeball (or any ball really), and set up your bowling alley.

For us, I also bought two really big glow sticks to line up the lane for the kids so they knew the line to bowl down better.

Here are some pretty low quality photos of a pretty high quality time with the glow in the dark bowling being executed.


All three of the kids really enjoyed this part and they actually were entertained for quite a while until they picked up the big glow sticks and started using them as weapons. As a mother of two boys I’m not sure why I would have expected anything different. Anyhow, moving on…

I also bought stuff for an ice cream sundae bar.


Simple, easy, and cheap. Nothing like a little bit of a sugar buzz while you’re waiting for the ball to drop.

Which leads me to my next portion of our night: The ball drop.

So y’all are crazy if you think I let my kids stay up to watch the actual ball drop. I pulled up the 2018 ball drop from last year on my laptop and played that for 5 minutes which started right at the 59 second countdown and continued on with the fun music and celebration afterward. The kids watched that (only slightly understanding what was going on), and then Brian got down with the kids and helped pull the strings for the poppers we had. (Also a dollar store buy. Another great $1.50 investment).


Then they got out their party horns to make as much noise as possible before we changed them into their jammies, brushed their teeth, and put them to bed.



& to be completely honest with you, Brian, Tay, and I hardly made it to midnight. We were so pooped after all that fun.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe night with their New Year’s Eve plans!

Tune in Tuesday for a 2018 reflection and some of our favorite highlights of the year.

Until next time,



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