2018- A Recap

WOW. What a year, y’all! This was BY FAR the busiest year I’ve ever experienced. It was full of laughter, friends, family, and wonderful times. With all of these were of course a few tears and low points as well. Since we are more of a “glass half full” family, we will focus on our high points and accomplishments this year.

Marek turned 4 (and is about to turn 5). WHERE DID MY BABY GO!? We enjoyed his batman themed birthday party.


Brian turned 30. Oh sorry! He turned 29, again…


Jayce turned 6. He requested this awesome camping themed birthday party and I couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out.


Couples shower. This one was slightly rowdy but we had a fun time.


Bachelorette/Bachelor weekend. Yet another rowdy weekend…


Year round classes. There are no photos of this due to the fact that I would have been crying the entire time. I was planning all of these parties and fun weekends while working full time, being a mom, and going to school. It was extremely overwhelming but looking back I’m happy I finished the classes that I did.

First day of Pre-school and 1st grade!


Wedding. (Photos all by Sarah Papes Photography)


Honeymoon in Nashville.


Our triplet nieces turned 3!


and then we had Thanksgiving which we hosted at our house for the first year ever, and 4 Christmas celebrations to make it to.

There was SO MUCH going on this year that this year I really look forward to not doing much of anything except hanging out and relaxing on the weekends. Aside from the boys birthday parties we aren’t planning on any obligations other than trying to teach me how to water ski on the lake.

So cheers to a wonderful (and relaxing) 2019!



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