Favorite Things Sunday Edition: Home Improvement For Asthmatics

Welcome back to Favorite Things Friday Sunday here at Picking Up the Pendrick’s! This weeks Favorite Things Sunday edition is somewhat of a negative-turned-positive I guess you could say. I am really trying to get back into my normal schedule that I promised a few weeks back which was to post on Tuesdays and Fridays. This past week was a whirlwind as we had an unexpected and very tragic death in the family followed by another unexpected death of a wonderful friend. I’ve been back and forth between our home and my brother and sister-in-laws home helping where I can with the triplets and anything else. Now I’m back home and hoping to juggle the blogging schedule along with the homework schedule, work schedule, and of course- the momming schedule. Without further adieu- the start to our home improvements to help with our youngest sons asthma.

As a parent of a child with asthma, this road has been quite the stressful journey for not only us but especially for him. Marek has struggled with wheezing and various other asthma symptoms since he was 18 months old. Every single time he catches a cold, it’s 10x worse because of his asthma diagnosis. Even the simplest runny nose turns into weeks worth of wheezing, coughing, restless nights, and breathing treatments. This year has been worse than any before, and because of that we finally decided to ask our favorite pediatrician, Dr. Gunderson, whether we should seek further help from a pulmonologist or an allergist. He told us that he would recommend some environmental changes before we make a referral, so we are beginning the long road of those environmental changes in our home.

Poor miserable baby


Starting with- Air Purifiers. This was something that I had looked into just briefly before, but after seeing the price tag I was quickly looking into other possible options. Unfortunately, with how bad the symptoms have been this year we saw no price tag on trying to improve our panicked nights and constant breathing issues. We sucked it up and with help searching from both my mother and my mother-in-law we have found both a Dyson Pure Hot + Cold, and a homemade air purifier from a family friend who invents all sorts of amazing things!




The awesome homemade air purifier! Dan does an amazing job!

Stanley Steamer Duct Cleaning- Stanley Steamer comes this Tuesday to clean our furnace and our air ducts/vents. This hasn’t been done since we’ve lived here and I know that the amount of dog hair (coupled with the pollen and dust from outdoors) is going to be terrifying. Since this, much like the air purifiers, isn’t a cheap task we had to make sure it was actually going to help. After doing a few minutes of research on this one, I was sold. There can be so much trapped in your vents, ducts, and furnace that is being blown into every room in your home when you run the heat or the air conditioner (if you are lucky enough to have central air-conditioning). This was a no brainer, this has to be done.

Essential Oils- I just love essential oils in general, but a mixture of lavender, peppermint, clove, and eucalyptus seems to be helping lots! The added bonus is the amazing smell in the house- better than any candle with chemical fragrances or perfumes in my opinion. Plus I’m still so in love with my desert mist diffuser (probably going to buy one for every room in my house), thank you Young Living!

Daily Inhaler: This was something that we’ve been contemplating since the colder months began here. A preventative inhaler that is used once in the morning and once in the evening before bed has seemed to have been a great help to Mack’s breathing, and I’m so thankful that such a little change could make such a difference so far. We are still praying he is going to be able to outgrow the inhaler, but for now if it’s helping we are going to continue using it!

If anyone else has a child with asthma, you know the panic that comes along with the gig. It’s terrifying, it’s unpredictable, and it’s inconvenient to everyone. Having a child who suffers from asthma leaves you as a parent with one of the most helpless feelings, because you can’t cure it. However, we are really hoping and praying that these little changes to our home will help his symptoms dramatically. Of course we still are completely open to a referral to an allergist or pulmonologist, but at least we will have these few environmental things ruled out by the time we go.

Here’s to improvement and finding what works best! Updates will follow!

Until next time,




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