HONEYMOONING! Nashville: “The Athens of the South”

Happy Tuesday, y’all! I’ve gotten the question probably 250 times now. “Where did you and Brian go on your honeymoon?” It’s not that I haven’t wanted to write about our honeymoon, to be honest I just haven’t found the time. This post is going to be slightly lengthy in comparison to my previous posts, but that is in part because of the photos. I won’t share all of them, I promise I’ll summarize the honeymoon instead of sharing each detail.

I initially thought of the typical honeymoon in Mexico. I priced out a 5 night stay at a really neat resort in Cabo San Lucas and it really wasn’t that pricey (because of course not, it’s Mexico). I was impressed. I could already see myself lounging on the beach with a Corona & Lime in my hand as the warm breeze carries the crisp smell of the saltwater over me. This daydream came to a swift halt as the time came closer for us to buckle down on actually committing and booking the resort and flights. We were both slightly apprehensive about leaving the country with two small children here. It’s not that there’s concern for their safety, after all they’ll be with their mom/dad and their grandparents for the other few days. It’s just that lingering thought of “we can’t get home quickly if something DOES happen in the slim chance that anything actually would” kind of thing.

So, we put our heads together and brainstormed some “domestic” vacation ideas. We had tossed around the idea of going west and traveling the coast of California, or going to New Orleans to enjoy some jazz therapy, but none of these felt right for what we were looking for. It ended up flicking like a light bulb, TINK! NASHVILLE! I even let Brian talk me into DRIVING instead of flying.

So how was our honeymoon?

Let us start with the journey down. Yes, 10 hours in a car with me. Poor Brian…

Indiana’s weather is extremely indecisive.

Indiana is one of the longest states that I have ever driven through, and to top that off we were driving through intermittent thunderstorms accompanied with torrential downpours of rain. The photo above is one that I took that shows the divide between the happy sunshine and the dark ominous cloud cover.

However, by the time we entered Kentucky it was dark, and it was driving there through Louisville that we were able to really appreciate some of the beautiful night lights.

Excuse the phone quality dark picture.

Obviously my iPhone 8 isn’t going to grab the best picture, but it was much brighter in person.


After 10 hours on the road, we finally made it to our detestation. The day before was exhausting (as we all know weddings can be) and by the time we had walked through the door we had already cracked a beer and plopped down on the couch. We stared at and admired each others rings and soaked in our first night of the honeymoon. Plus the Air bnb we rented was absolutely beautiful. It was in a quiet little neighborhood in East Nashville which was far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, yet close enough for us to Uber to any fun activities. I’ll include the link to where we stayed here. Honestly, it was only $60 a night for the entire upstairs apartment and also full use of the patio area which included a deck and hot tub! Our host Stephen even got us a card and a bottle of champagne since he knew it was our honeymoon!

Here are a few shots from the apartment- it looked exactly as described in the Air BnB listing!


As you can see, I wasn’t about to put my things away after that drive.


Our first morning: We slept. Like, a lot. Then when we woke up, we stayed in our PJ’s for a few more hours sipping coffee, reflecting on our wedding, and watching TV uninterrupted by our children (who yes, we were already missing). #PARENTINGGUILT

Had to steal this cutie from Snapchat.

Once we decided to join the real world, we went to explore a little bit. We took an Uber that dropped us off smack dab in the center of Midtown Nashville. We had our hearts set on some Hattie B’s hot chicken, but you guys the line was literally a 2 1/2 hour wait. So we stopped at a fun dive bar and had a drink, met some guys from Ohio (other mid-westerners, we loved it!) and they bought us our drinks. After walking toward Broadway, we decided to try another Hattie B’s which was across town in hopes of a shorter line. We did end up getting in there, and boy am I glad we did….


The BEST hot chicken I’ve ever had. The pimento mac n’ cheese was also to die for.
Waiting patiently for our chicken.

Long story short, Hattie B’s was my favorite meal of Nashville, and I would travel to Nashville just to eat there again. SO GOOD.

The next place we went for food was Peg Leg Porker BBQ. Again- didn’t disappoint! The south won over my heart when they served everything with a side of mac n’ cheese, let’s be honest. This place wasn’t using no Sweet Baby Ray’s or Open Pit, this was REALLY GOOD HOMEMADE SOUTHERN BBQ. Brian ordered the ribs with this awesome dry rub, and I ordered a pulled pork BBQ sandwich. You guys, it was SO SO GOOD. Definitely worth checking out if you’re ever in Nashville! The building is super cool, and cafeteria style. Everyone there was super friendly, and very fun. The whole set up was cool, and we had a blast there. They even had a cool bar to sit at in the back, and that bar tender was on his game. We really enjoyed the whole feel of the building, it was such a fun experience.

Currently drooling over these pictures.

Continuing on the places we ate (you guys, I probably gained 30 pounds on this honeymoon, we ate so much food) is The Nashville Biscuit House. This felt more like home because it was an old school little diner with a good home feel. The biscuits were nothing short of amazing and were definitely worth the wait.


On our last day in Nashville we ate at the Village Pub and Beer Garden which was super close to where we stayed. The beer was amazing and they even had some Michigan beers on tap! It was a little splash of home before we even left. Brian and I sat at the bar ordering beers, and then ordered our late lunch/dinner. We ordered the amazing homemade soft pretzels with beer cheese, and a pulled pork sandwich on a pretzel bun. The food was amazing and the bartender was even better. Highly recommend.

The Village Pub and Beer Garden

Now that we’ve gone through an entire weeks worth of menu ideas when you’re in Nashville, let’s talk about some of the awesome places we went. I know it seems like all we did was eat but I promise you we enjoyed some of the more touristy places too.

The Country Music Hall of Fame: It was super cool, full of history, and definitely worth seeing for your first time there. To be honest, I don’t think I would go back a second time. Mostly because it’s your usual tourist attraction and you can only see the same thing so many times. I do think that they change certain sections up however so maybe it might be cool, but there are so many other things I would rather see next time we go. It was definitely worth it since it was our first time.



Lots of history and awesome fun facts

We also went to the Grand Ole Opry, which I would definitely do every single time I go back. The amount of history in this place is incredible. We went on a tour that was video hosted by Blake Shelton. We saw Studio A where Hee Haw was filmed, we saw the stage where so many iconic country music singers have been, we learned all about the flood of 2010. We saw the mailboxes for all of the country stars there, we saw the dressing rooms where so many amazing people have gotten ready. It was truly the coolest place we went while we were there and I definitely think next time we go I would like to book a room at the amazing hotel there.



Easily my favorite place that we went the entire trip.

We ended up leaving at 3 am just so that we could get home at a reasonable time. It was sad leaving but we were ready to be home. Nashville was in the 80’s most of the time we were there and it was beautiful, but there’s no place like home.

We are looking forward to our next adventure, this time we will be bringing the kids. Hoping to have a trip planned sooner than later, because let’s be honest- this snow in Northern Michigan is killing me. We are on our 3rd snow day in a week. Hope everyone is staying healthy, happy, warm, and safe!

Until next time,



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