Boredom Busters: Snow Day Edition

Happy Tuesday everyone! In case you haven’t been watching the news or the weather channel, the mid-west has really been taking a beating with this Polar Vortex. Last week my kids didn’t have school once because of the sub zero temperatures. Now of course they were ecstatic the first day, but by the time they called school off for the second day in a row we were running out of ideas to keep them busy. They also already knew that if they thought they were going to stay home and play video games for 6 straight days, they were so very wrong. If you also struggle with things to do in order to keep your kids creative minds busy during snow days, read on for some of my favorite suggestions!

Make/Bake Something! – My go-to is cookies because everyone loves them and they’re usually easy enough to make. It’s easy because the kids can take turns measuring and adding the ingredients, and they can take turns stirring or turning the mixer on. However, if you’re feeling brave or if you have older kids, maybe try homemade pizza! My kids love either of these things, and they are usually pretty excited to help in the beginning (by the end they’ve lost interest and just want me to let them know when it’s done). Let’s be honest, they usually never make it to the second batch but they have fun while it lasts and it’s such a great learning experience.

This picture is 2 years old, but we haven’t gotten any updated baking ones. Coming soon!

*SIDE NOTE! I’ll link my favorite frozen hot chocolate recipe here, it’s definitely worth a try on a snow day, (or any day)*

Movie Theater at Home! – Putting on a good movie and popping some popcorn is another fun trick that passes about an hour or two depending on the movie. You can even throw some candy in there to add to the movie theater affect. (I love getting the dollar boxes of candy at the dollar store, cheap and effective for setting the theater mood at a fraction of the price!)

Crafts! – As we already know, Pinterest is my best friend. I like to get on Pinterest and look for fun crafts that use things that I already have in the house. Once we pull up the image on my computer, we can go through the steps and the boys have a blast making the craft all their own. (There is also nothing wrong with giving them some crayons and paper and just having them color for a while). I’m always surprised at how long they stay busy while crafting, they love it!

Board games! – Board games can be hard for little kids to play, but the boys received a few games for Christmas that they’ve been able to have fun with. Clue Jr. and Monopoly Jr. are just some of our favorite family night games now.

Play Outside! – Of course this wasn’t an option for us since the windchill had it at -20 degrees outside, but normally you could take the kids out and go sledding, on the snow bike, build a snowman (or an igloo if you’re Brian!) We are even lucky enough to live near two of the best ski resorts in Northern Michigan, so taking the boys snowboarding can be an awesome snow day activity once it gets above 0!

Yes, he made this himself.
Snowboarding at Caberfae Peaks
The Snow Bike
Sledding at the neighbors house

Forts, Forts, Forts! – Our boys are obsessed with building forts. They usually create a fort on the top bunk daily, and Grammy even got Jayce a fort building set for Christmas. All of the blankets, comforters, pillows, and some toys. This keeps them busy forever, and they have so much fun! Most of the time they don’t even make it out of their pajamas if they’re in fort-mode all morning, it’s a fun and cozy way to be creative and warm on a day off!

Blanket fort, with a movie inside!

Obstacle Courses! – These can be time consuming, but they’re a blast. I’ll link some ideas to these on Pinterest because none of these are my own ideas but they’re definitely worth trying! Click here! 

Practice Reading & Writing! – Reading and writing doesn’t always have to feel like homework, in fact once you add a cool Melissa and Doug easel, it takes fun to a whole different level.  The boys like to practice writing words, sentences, drawing shapes, etc. We also enjoy reading a few books (they usually lose focus with the books after a little while) but getting a few reading minutes in is fun, especially when they are reading to us.

One of our new favorites!

And finally, just make the most of it. Snow days can be frustrating, especially when they pile up day after day like last week for us. Snow days usually mean for days off from work for parents (often unpaid days off), and changes in schedules which can throw off an entire weeks worth of plans. The weather is unpredictable, especially in Michigan, but making the most of it is what counts! Sooner than later my kids won’t have snow days home with me, and I’ll be forever missing the times where the house was torn apart with every blanket we own on the floor or thrown over top of chairs. No matter how frustrating it can get now, I really am working on drinking it all in, and savoring every moment.

Here’s to hoping Spring actually comes early this year, and that Punxsutawney Phil wasn’t wrong.

Until next time!








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