Avengers Birthday Celebration

Happy Wednesday, Y’all!

I sincerely apologize for being very absent lately from blogging, it’s mostly because I was enjoying my one week break from classes while also traveling twice last week for work. Between that and Marek’s late birthday party, I haven’t really made much time to write. I’ve been slowly learning that it’s okay to make yourself and your family a priority, and sometimes that involves putting down the phone, the computer, and making the most of what is present.

With that being said, this post will be short, sweet, and to the point. It’s just going to be a short recap of Marek’s 5th birthday party, some of the food and snacks we made, and how much fun they all had! Let’s jump into it…

First- It wouldn’t really be an avengers themed birthday party without Hulk “Smash” Punch. I found this recipe on Pinterest, but sort of made it my own as we went. It’s super simple and you only need 3 “ingredients” if you will. Lime sherbet, a two liter of sprite, and a two liter of ginger ale. Since we are from Michigan of course I used Vernors, but you can use any kind. All you do is dump it into a punch bowl and BAM! Green Hulk colored punch that everyone can enjoy!


I even used my cricut to cut out some sweet new signs for each of our sweet treats/drinks!

Next- this one was super simple. So simple, I couldn’t NOT do it. Everyone loves pretzels and cheese right? This was literally just cubed cheese and pretzel sticks.

“Thor’s Hammers”

We had the coolest cake to date with the Avengers cake that Connie Watson made from “Bake my day” in Manistee MI. I highly recommend her if you ever need anything sweet made local!


Corn dogs, or better known as “Iron Man’s Missiles” French fries and nachos!


The dips!
The sweet Infinity War gift
A few of our guests

We seriously cannot thank everyone enough for coming out. Mack had such a fun day, and was exhausted by the time everyone left. We are so blessed to be able to spend such fun times with our amazing friends and family. Thank you for making it a weekend to remember!

I’ll be back later this week with some other updates & our normal Friday post.

Until then,



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