Spring Break “Stay-cation”

Spring break. We didn’t have any huge vacation plans this year, but we did end up doing a few fun (semi) local things! Two weekends ago we took the boys to the Monster Jam at Van Andel arena in Grand Rapids, MI. To say that was a blast would be an understatement, though I wish we wouldn’t have left the earmuffs in the car. They wanted SIXTY DOLLARS for two pairs of earmuffs with monster truck tires on them that lit up. Sixty. Dollars. It was all in all a really fun experience and the boys really enjoyed themselves.

Jayce’s face says it all, although Marek was slightly nervous about the noise.


Grave Digger!

After numerous hours in the car and such a busy day on Saturday, Sunday we took a day to rest and relax. The weather was beautiful almost all week (except toward the end) and we were so grateful to be able to play outside and get some fresh air after what seems like 12 straight months of bitter cold and snow.

Monday we had some friends over for dinner and their kids came to play with the boys. It was another relaxing but still fun day.

Tuesday we went to Sandcastles Children’s Museum in Ludington and the kids had a BLAST. They played for almost 2 hours until it was time to leave. We then went to a cool store downtown where they were able to pick out a pair of new special “Spring Break” pajamas, and then we went to lunch. We also had to go to Lowes and get a new oven since ours quit working Tuesday morning. It wouldn’t be Spring Break without something going wrong, am I right?


Hungry Howie’s Newest Employee
Serving at House of Flavors!
Rock wall!
Special Spring Break Jammies!

Wednesday Marek ended up with the stomach flu. So that was super fun. 3 am until 7 am puke clean up was fun. So that meant Thursday was for relaxation. Of course Friday rolled around and then Brian ended up with the same stomach flu, but worse.

So Friday Marek and I took Dozer to the vet, and went to Manistee for some fresh air at the park. When we got home, I was the disinfectant queen and literally cleaned and wiped down the entire house as well as finished washing all of the sheets and every blanket in my house.

Saturday we had some friends over again for homemade pizza, and then Sunday was a super relaxing day where we finished up anything we needed (like homework for me) and again spent some time outside even though it was FREEZING.

We were sad to see it go, but we are working on getting back to our normal routine (2 weeks later). Pray for us!

Until next time,




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