Favorite Things Friday Is Back!

Can I get an Amen?! No? Okay. Well, I guess I’m hyping this post up a little bit because I’m super excited to share some of my current favorite things with you after the “FTF” posts were taking a sabbatical.

A little back story to this- I was having a discussion with Brian the other day (I’m sure he was paying super close attention while working on something in the garage), but anyway… I was talking about how the internet, specifically social media, puts unrealistic expectations on life and can sometimes cause stress, anxiety, and mixed feelings about yourself as a person/mother. I was following so many of these “rich mom” bloggers who were showing off their lavish $800,000 houses and driving their Lincoln Navigator “Black Labels” costing around $105,000. Most of these moms were stay at home moms, but not my normal idea of a stay at home mom. These moms went to get facials, and get their nails and hair done weekly. They were traveling to places like Hawaii, Paris, and Australia. They were working out and shopping while their nanny took care of their children. I’m not even going to lie and say “I would never want this kind of lifestyle” at any point, but the truth of it is that this lifestyle isn’t realistic for me. We are a middle class working family, and comparing myself, my family, my income and my tangible assets to those in a completely different tax bracket wasn’t good for my mental health.

So what did I do about this? I regrouped my entire Instagram/blog world. I unfollowed those who didn’t bring me inspiration and good feelings, and now my news feed is full of positive people who actually inspire me on a daily basis. It’s full of people who I can generally relate to in real world terms. So today on my “FTF” post, I’m going to share my top 6 favorite and most inspirational Instagram’s/blogs.

  1. Alyx Blauwkamp- I would be doing everyone here a total disservice by not including one of my very best friends. She is a Beach Body coach  who I will be joining for the next 80 day challenge, and her Instagram and Facebook page are absolutely inspirational for anyone looking to join the fitness community. There is also MAD humor from a mom perspective as she goes through her fitness journey and includes her two littles along the way. It’s witty, and motivating, and I cannot love her, or her page more.Image-1
  2. El Hubbard has been one of my favorite mom/yoga figures to follow for quite some time now. She’s raw, she’s real, and she’s awesome. Her Instagram “momjeansyoga” is one of my absolute yoga favorites and I love following her journey.Image-1 (1).jpg
  3. Ashly Fritch– Not only is she a fellow boy mama, but she has THREE BOYS. And, her boys ride dirt bikes too! I love following her because she’s always positive and upbeat, yet is honest about the trials of parenting, the importance of a healthy relationship/marriage, and she’s got wicked style for both fashion and home. She’s one of my all time favorites and I always look forward to her in my feed! Her blog Beautiful Kind of Chaos is out of this world.Image-1 (2)
  4. Molly Wey & Family– Another #boymom of three! Capturing the busy lives of moms with boys, an incredible fashion sense, and amazing fitness tips and tricks, this mom truly is the full package when it comes to a blog/Instagram with inspiration. Her blog is the cutest, also.Image-1 (3).jpg
  5. HarlowandKatie– If you’re needing an inspiring mother/daughter duo, look no further. This mom is tough as nails, her kids are so adorable. I love following their journey, and watching her daughter Harlow continue growing along with her little brother Brixton by her side. Her stories are raw and real, and this is one of my favorite things about her. She has also recently opened up a lot about the importance of mental health in mamas, and overcoming anxiety.Image-1 (4).jpg
  6. Micah Folsom & Family– Another of my favorite fitness mamas! Four kids, working from home, the Father, the meal prep, and all things fab. She’s truly a goddess and I love watching her positive videos.Image-1 (5).jpg

So there you have it. My current obsession with blogs, and all things awesome on Instagram. I always love when people can inspire styles, give advice, and parenting tips. I don’t find myself comparing myself to these people, I just find myself feeling like I need to do the workout I wanted to do, or be a more patient mom. Or paint my living room, and rearrange my furniture. It’s so nice to find a positive corner of the internet with everything going on in the news lately, and of course everyone has an opinion about it. I do too, but it’s sometimes nice to just have a day where I can go almost completely unbothered and just keep my positive tune going. It’s something I struggle with daily, but something I will continue to strive toward until I can call myself a master.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Tune back in on Tuesday for another post, I’m trying to get back onto my Tuesday & Friday routine for posting consistently.

Until then,



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