Memorial Weekend Recap

Historically, Memorial Day has always been one of my favorites because it marks the beginning of summer and warmer weather. After looking at the 10 day forecast and seeing what was in store for the weekend, we were prepared for rain (and thunderstorms) all weekend. We were pleasantly surprised when the forecast was completely wrong, and the sun was able to show it’s face almost every day of our long weekend. It actually didn’t even end up raining until Monday night, so we were able to have the boys outside riding almost ALL DAY Sunday.

Friday night we spent at Brian’s parents house with the triplets and his brother. The girls were able to be outside and we had so much fun with them. Saturday morning Brian and I woke up and made the trip to Ludington to eat at The Q Smokehouse, which was the best BBQ I’ve ever had. If you think I’m kidding, read the reviews. They have the MOST AMAZING Carolina sauce, and the best brisket I’ve ever eaten in my 24 years. It was a fun afternoon date day, and then we came back to Brian’s parents to spend some more time with them and the girls.

I didn’t think to take a picture until AFTER everything was almost eaten of course
I swear he loves me, just not a huge fan of taking pictures with me.
The view we were blessed with off of my mother-in-laws porch on Saturday

Saturday night we were able to pick Jayce up a night early, and go back to Brian’s parents for the girls to see Jayce for a little while. We then cozied up to an awesome bonfire, and went home after it had fizzled out.

Sunday morning we went and picked Marek up, and parked ourselves at our neighbors house. They had their daughter and son in law up and their two kids were able to play LOTS with the boys. Our boys got their riding gear on and rode ALL DAY LONG. We had an awesome steak and shrimp dinner, and a bonfire. Even though Brian and I don’t eat seafood, we thoroughly enjoyed our steaks. We finished the night with a s’more, or as their granddaughter likes to call them, “snores”. By the time we got home, we were POOPED!

J, Jayce, and Marek on a trail ride in their jammies

Monday was a low key wind-down day. We joined our neighbors again for breakfast (y’all I’m not kidding when I say I hardly cooked all weekend), and they made Belgian waffles with raspberries on top! It was soooooo gooooood. From there we were able to just relax around the daytime fire, and watch the kids run around and play outside. We went for trail rides, and had an awesome day. It was supposed to start raining in the afternoon so we decided to finally take the boys to see Pokemon Detective Pikachu which was super cute.


They thought this poster was the bees knees.

By Monday night, we were exhausted. The boys came home and rode bikes outside until it started raining. When they came inside we got cleaned up and went to bed. Now I’m home for yet another day with a sinus-pressure headache and I’m hoping to get most of my work done from home today. Holiday weekends are always a blast but ALWAYS go too fast.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday weekend, and that everyone was able to thank their soldiers and veterans on this wonderful day.

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Until next time,



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