5 Tips To Help Rid The Stress Of Your Morning Routine

Mornings, UGH. Just the THOUGHT of mornings sometimes causes my heart to palpitate. Morning routines are easy when it’s just yourself that you need to get ready, however, once you throw kids into the mix- forget about it. Tranquil coffee sipping mornings where you watch the sunrise and take your time are long gone.

Ignore my sign which needs to be moved up still…

Wait, but do they have to be?

I’ve been experimenting with different morning routines with my boys so that we can share with you what has worked best overall for us! So grab a chair and a cup of coffee (if you aren’t running late!)

  • Wake up between an hour or 45 minutes before you need to leave. This might sound like a stretch for some, but honestly for myself- I need the time. Not only do I have two kids to get ready, but I have two dogs, and MYSELF to get ready as well. If I roll out of bed and don’t allow myself to wake up for a few minutes, I am less likely to be patient with my kids or my pups. This gives me time to gather my thoughts and get my bearings straight before I begin the day, which leads me to my next point-
  • Get yourself ready before the kids. I have found that if I do my hair and makeup routine before I get the kids up, things go MUCH smoother. This way I don’t have to run back and fourth between my bathroom and the kitchen with half of a head of curls to make sure both of my sleepy heads are eating fast enough.
  • Wake the kids up at least 30 minutes before you need to leave. I have one child that is very cooperative in the morning, and one child who is LESS than cooperative in the morning. The less cooperative of the two will take 45 minutes to eat one bowl of cereal if I’m not reminding him to eat, and also pretends he doesn’t know how to put his own pants on… Because of this, I need to make sure they have at least a half hour to eat cereal, brush teeth, get dressed, and fix hair before I send them marching to the car. (Disclaimer- I try not to wake mine up much earlier than that because then you leave yourself with less time to get yourself ready, and then every time without fail my kids start playing with toys and getting into things which just prolongs the trip to the car.)
  • Prepare lunches and outfits the night before. Y’all, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to dig through a huge load of laundry in the dryer to find you kid jeans WITHOUT holes. ESPECIALLY when you are already pressed for time! Brian and I (usually Brian) makes lunches after the kids go to sleep. That way it gives less time for the jelly to ruin the bread on the sandwich. We also like to set out their outfits at bedtime for the next day. Each kid has a special spot in the living room where we put their clothes, and they know that each morning their clothes will be in their spot. This way we aren’t running around trying to find matching socks and sonic shirts while we are trying to head out the door.
  • Put on a fun song/playlist. One thing I’ve found is that if I’m projecting rush and stress onto my kids, they are also rushed and stressed. When we are all rushed and stressed, nothing goes well. Also, nothing like stressing your kids out first thing in the morning to ensure they don’t have good focus all day… I like to put on fun music that they can wake up to. Lately their favorites have been “Something Just Like This” by Coldplay and the Chainsmokers or the Trolls soundtrack. Listening to something fun and upbeat ensures that if nothing else, we at least have a sunny disposition.

So there you have it, the Pendrick’s best stab at a morning routine. It’s been working pretty well, although it’s summer now so this routine is probably going to be less helpful until fall when school starts again…


Also another apology for not posting anything for our Tuesday post, the boys had their first T-Ball game (it was a double header LOL) AND we got ourselves a new family member. MEET NELLIE our German Shepherd!


We are hoping to have it together by next Tuesday for a post, but no promises because it’s a zoo at our house.

Until next time!



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