Surprise Post Saturday! 5 Tips For Making It Through Family Pictures

Hey guys! I know I don’t usually post on Saturdays, but I am dying to share these family photos and these tips that go along with them so I’m doing a little “Surprise Post Saturday” if you will… If you really know me, you know that family pictures are on my list of top 5 favorite things ever. Is it necessary to have family pictures done as much as we do? No. But you guys, the kids change so fast and I just love having cute family pictures to cherish forever. Plus, my walls need frequent updating with new pictures as the boys change so there’s always that.

Since this is CLEARLY not my first rodeo, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite tips for making it through family photos without your spouse killing you, and without your kids causing you to absolutely lose your mind.

  • Find the right photographer. Find one who can work well with your kids, is patient, etc. Our photographer Alyson Fink is AMAZING with us and the boys. She has no problem getting in there and moving everyone where they need to be. She’s so great with the kids and keeps them laughing and keeps the whole shoot fun. All of the stress really just goes away when you have the right photographer.
  • Know what you want ahead of time and communicate that to your photographer. Pinterest the poses and pictures ahead of time and communicate what you want with your photographer. If there are certain poses/shots that you want, communicate that with your photographer and they will try their best to capture what you want if possible. (I feel like it should go without saying though, to be realistic when it comes to your photos. Don’t be that client who has completely unrealistic expectations, just don’t.)
  • Choose your outfit first. I like to pick my outfit first and then plan everyone else accordingly. Selfish? Not really, it has always just been the easiest starting point for me. Plus, if I am feeling confident in something that I am wearing I really worry less that day.
  • Bribing your kids is 100% okay. You can almost bet that if we had family pictures done, it ended with the boys getting ice cream. Honestly, it’s usually the only way I can get two kids (boys nontheless) to participate.
  • Be alright with candid. The perfectly posed smiling picture is a rare one, and if you can get it, rejoice from the highest hill. The best pictures in my opinion are the candid ones where you kid starts saying “smile where you poop from” and then everyone bursts out laughing. These are truly great moments to capture.

Now with that being said, I’ll share some of our most current family photos from last weekend at Pier Port in Bear Lake Michigan, courtesy of Alyson Fink Photography. I am IN LOVE with them and so happy that the weather and Lake Michigan were able to cooperate for us.









So there you have it, our new obsession! I am so happy with these, and I highly encourage anyone to spend the money and make the investment in family photos. These are memories and years that you will be thankful were captured looking back.

ALSO: I’m linking where I got my dress here because it was so comfortable, it had pockets, AND IT WAS AN AMAZON STEAL!

I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend! I am catching up on cleaning and laundry before our big day of CPL classes that we are hosting tomorrow.

Until next time!



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