Dealing With The “Must Be Nice” Comments

Happy Sunday, Y’all! I didn’t write anything last week because it was a crazy busy week at work and I was also enjoying the festivities from the holiday week/weekend with some family and friends. We didn’t have the boys for the 4th this year, but my sister came home so I was able to spend some quality time with both her and my parents. Brian of course had to work all week/weekend- the joys of marrying someone in law enforcement.


Anyway, allow me to get to the point of this post with a little background story involved. My sister has been having some bad luck with vehicles since she moved to the UP a few months back. On Friday, my sister decided she wanted to buy my Mazda CX-5. I’ve had it for sale a few times here and there, but eventually decided to take it down and look for something bigger later on. With her buying my vehicle, I was finally able to commit to another vehicle with some more space for the kids and both of our dogs. So long story short, I bought a new-to-me Dodge Durango. It’s in beautiful condition, very lightly used, and is truly a wonderful mom car.


Of course whenever you purchase anything, it opens the floodgates for anyone and everyone to make comments about price, etc. This leads me to my LEAST favorite comment, which also happens to be EXTREMELY RUDE whenever something has been purchased- “Must be nice”.

Yes, it is nice. It’s nice that I go to work all week long so that I am able to have an income to afford things that I want. It’s nice that I have a wonderful job because of the college degree that I busted my ass for. Let me just fill you all in on something, it is no ones business what you spend your money on. Say it again with me for the people in the back- IT’S NO ONES BUSINESS WHAT YOU SPEND YOUR MONEY ON. You owe NOBODY an explanation for how much you spent on something, or why you purchased something. You like that purse? Buy it. You like the new dirt bike? Buy it. You enjoy going on vacation and feel like treating yourself? Do it. You owe NOBODY an explanation for why you spend your money on what you spend it on.

Also- another perspective on things- credit cards, banks, and various other lending institutions will allow people to charge up thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars in debt. Looking at the things that people have and judging their financial position based off of their material things is inaccurate and usually wrong. Just because people have nice vehicles, nice houses, name-brand clothes, etc does not mean that they paid cash for any of it. Most people could have brand new everything if they took out a loan or put it on a credit card. Assuming people are “rich” because of what they have is ignorant.

To follow all of that up, I’ll just go ahead and reiterate that it’s nobody’s business what people spend their money on. If you work hard for the money you make, you’re allowed to spend it on things. I know people who make $200,000+ a year and drive an old vehicle because there is nothing wrong with it and it’s paid off. I also know people who don’t even have a job who drive newer vehicles. The best part about all of this? It’s none of my business why they do what they do, or why they spend what they spend.

I saw this meme posted on Facebook the other day:


How true. If people focused more on their own finances and a little bit less on the purchases of their friends or acquaintances, they might just be slightly happier.

The end message of this rant is to mind your own business. You never know what is actually going on in someones bank account. They may have paid cash that they inherited, or they might be paying something ridiculous like 23% interest on a vehicle that they’ve rolled $10,000 worth of negative equity into. The best part of all of this? It doesn’t affect your life. It doesn’t affect you. Worry about your own finances, focus on your own life, and focus on being happy for people when they are able to buy things that they want instead of having an initial negative reaction.

All of this being said, I am loving my new Durango and I’m super excited that my kids finally have a little bit of leg room!

I hope everyone had a super happy and safe 4th.

Also- Congratulations to Kasandra Johnson for winning the drawing for the matching wine glass set!

We will be back with more on Tuesday. Stay tuned and don’t forget to work on minding your own business!



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