Saying Goodbye to Griffith Rd: Pt. 2

Back in February I wrote a post called “Saying Goodbye to Griffith Rd: Pt. 1” in which I wrote about my grandparents selling their house/farm which was right next door to my childhood home with my parents. I’m sure there was some question as to why I titled that post “part 1”- well here it is- part 2 follows because my parents have officially sold THEIR home on Griffith Rd.

Our beautiful home for the last almost 20 years

Anyone who knows me well enough, knows that I’m generally a pretty emotional person.  My grandma’s sister “aunt Phyllis” and uncle Rex lived at the end of Griffith Road, past my grandparents house. This is where we would go visit our cousins Hannah and Phillip when we were little. We had spent a lot of time walking down to her house, eating her caramels, watching dirty dancing, and then walking back to my grandparents house for some more treats. We would then skip one more house over and head home to mom and dad. After she had passed, Uncle Rex had sold their house at the end of Griffith Road.  Since then, I’ve found great comfort in people, and in places. So my grandparents selling their home next-door to us made me really sad. I am excited for them to build their new house, but I am sad because I will miss the place that felt like home for so long. On to my parents house- I will miss that home because that is really the only home I remember. My dad, his buddies, and my grandpa had built our home and we had moved in around the time I had turned 5. For the last 19 years that place has been “home”. No matter where I roamed down Griffith Rd, I had a home. I was able to walk to the very far end driveway and find family, I was able to head to the end on the left and find my grandparents and their cozy farm, and I was able to find the second to last house on the left and find my parents house and the home I grew up in. Griffith road encompasses so many memories for me. 20 years worth of Christmases, laughs, cries, sunrises off of the wrap around porch… Bonfires, Thanksgivings, family gatherings- my parents really captured everything that anyone could want in a home inside that house. The trail that led between our house and my grandparents house, the nighttime walks to the swamp to catch frogs and tadpoles, the endless bike rides that my sister and I had shared… It all just seems too hard to let go of.

My parents closed on that Griffith Road house today, and I know that the house is with who it should be with. Another young family with a cute little baby and an awesome golden retriever. With that being said, part of my heart will forever be there. With the many pets we have laid to rest there, with the memories that were made there, with the many family gatherings… Everything. That house was my safe place for the last 19 years of my life, and I’m so thankful and grateful to have grown up in the country there next to grandma and grandpa, and aunt Phyllis and her family. As I reflect on these memories, I cry as I type tonight. But I also think back to how lucky I have been to have spent so much time in a house that anyone would be blessed to be in.


As my parents said in the text they sent the other night- “Goodbye old friend”… On to new homes, new memories, and new blessings. At the end of the day, I’m thankful I’m losing a place and not a person. My heart will heal from the moves, and I’m looking forward to the new fun to be had in the new house!

Fun family laughs at the old house 

Happy Monday, friends.

Until next time,



One thought on “Saying Goodbye to Griffith Rd: Pt. 2

  1. Very touching Emma and I’ll have to say I have many of the same feelings you have regarding our Griffith Rd. properties. It was Phyllis’s and my dream to live in that special place and when we finally were able to do it, raise Hannah and Phillip in “the country”, and experience solitude and beauty, whippoorwills, deer snorting, and the love of our families is a cherished memory for me. Thank you for once again helping me to remember!


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