“Soft Launch” of J&M Co.- A New Adventure

Happy Friday Y’all! So I know I’ve been promising exciting stuff coming up, and it feels like it’s taken forever… I also promise that I have good reasoning for being so inconsistent with my posts lately, so here it is- I’ve been working on a little side project and I’m so happy to announce the “soft launch” of J&M Co. Designs! I’ve been working on various different creations for months now, and after lots of practice and learning new techniques I’m excited to finally be able to offer personalized apparel, clothing, glassware, etc under our new “business name”!

Logo courtsey of Alyson Fink Designs!

The name obviously comes from my boys names, Jayce and Marek, “J&M”. Wow, super original, I know… *Que eye roll* but I think it’s cute.

With that being said I’ve been waiting to get our official logo finished up by Alyson Fink Designs, as well as waiting to launch our business Facebook page, and Instagram page. (If anyone is looking for any kind of logo work, or designs in general, I HIGHLY suggest checking out Alyson Fink Designs. You WILL NOT be disappointed). Moving on, there is potential for us to eventually set up an Etsy page, but with us working to get on our feet we figured we would start with these two for now and see how this all goes. With still working a full time job in Human Resources and Accounting, it’s been a juggling game trying to find the best balance and routine.

So on to the good stuff- what does J&M Co. offer? Good, I’m glad you asked!

We offer various different things such as apparel, drink ware, kitchen and bathroom accessories, and home decor. We’ve been busy making baby onesies, t-shirts for both adults and children of all sizes, coasters, personalized wine glasses (both with stems and stemless), custom cups, koozies, etc. The list is ENDLESS. I will include some photos below of some of the things we have been working on lately.

Custom Coasters
Custom Traverse City Wine Glasses (Rose Gold)
Custom “Bring Home” Baby Onesies
Sippy Cups/Snack Cups are the perfect little gift set idea!
More Michigan Wine Glasses- I can’t get enough!


So there you have it, just a few of the MANY projects we’ve worked on. If you have any custom requests or inquiries, please feel free to message me on our Facebook page or email me at jandmco.2@gmail.com and I will get back with you! Also feel free to spread the word, we love to be busy. Mostly- I’m just excited that the fun I’ve been having with my crafting has turned into something that others can enjoy as well. I’ll include links to our Instagram page, as well as our Facebook page below. I would love some feedback on suggestions, as well as any kind of constructive criticism.

J&M Co. Instagram

J&M Co. Facebook

Also, if you’ve bought anything from us previously, please feel free to share around and let us know by using our hashtag #jandmconorthernmich

We are also excited to announce that we can ship anywhere in the United States, and shipping costs will vary depending on location.

As always, thank you to all of our family, friends, and strangers alike for the constant support. We couldn’t do it without you!

Until next time,





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