Back to School: Favorite Places To Shop For Boys

What probably should have been a “Favorite Things Friday” post is obviously taking place on a Sunday because I can’t seem to stick to my schedule and also because I’ve procrastinated buying the boys their back to school stuff and we didn’t go until yesterday. With that being said, I’ll keep this short and to the point! I’ve received a few Instagram messages lately asking where my favorite places to shop for my boys are, or where I’ve gotten specific shirts and pieces. Well, I’m not one for keeping secrets, especially when it comes to shopping or where I found a good deal.

A very short back story: When I first found out that Marek was a boy, I was so excited. I could FINALLY look for baby clothes at the stores. To my disappointment, when I got to the stores I would find only a tiny back corner section for boys clothing whilst the entire front and center section of the store was jam-packed with girls clothing.

Since it’s a little more difficult (in my opinion) to shop for little boys, here are some of my FAVORITE PLACES to shop for my boys. Most of these places run sales FREQUENTLY. You don’t have to be rich to dress your kid nice, trust me I’m a bargain shopper from way back (shout out to my mom, Mary!).

Nordstrom Rack- Four words- NAME BRANDS FOR CHEAP. We found almost all of our name brand stuff for the boys there. Vans, Under Armour, Nike, Urban Republic, etc. All found there, all for a very cheap price.



DSW– The best place for shoes in my opinion, although this time around we didn’t have too much luck since the one in Grand Rapids was pretty well picked through. Apparently they start school next week so they had all of the last minute parents and guardians scooping up all of the good steals. Among our shoes this year are Nautica tennis shoes which I will link HERE, Sperry’s for our dressy days which I will link HERE, Vans Classic Checker Slip-On’s which I will link HERE, and Nike tennis shoes which I will link HERE.

The very beginning of our haul- not pictured- a million shirts and many more pants, and backpacks.

Old Navy– Old Navy is a staple for the graphic t-shirts. Especially if your kids are anything like mine and obsessed with Mario, Yoshi, Sonic, Batman, Captain America, Spiderman, etc.

Coat- Urban Republic- Nordstrom Rack. Shirt- Old Navy. Shoes- Nordstrom Rack.

The Children’s Place & Abercrombie Kids- I do all of this shopping online because I know the kids sizes and what fits them best. When they run sales, they run SALES- so get it while it lasts! The sizes seem to sell out fast. BTW- These two stores are my FAVORITE places to get jeans/pants. They don’t wear out fast and they’re not made cheaply.

So as you can see, back to school shopping doesn’t have to break your bank. Almost everything I bought for them was half off or more, you just have to put in the effort and know where to look! Not that there is anything wrong with hand-me-downs, or second hand stores such as Goodwill, but why have used clothes when you can buy brand new ones for similar prices???

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday, and is preparing to have a wonderful week!

Until next time,



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