Giving Thanks For Our Teachers During Hard Times


There is something that’s been weighing heavy on my mind since our children’s schools have shut down. With each day that passes there are more and more negative comments and complaints regarding not just our school systems, but also our teachers.

I have seen parents publicly ridiculing and criticizing our teachers, throwing around their impudent opinions on how this global pandemic has been handled from those working in the world of academia. These behaviors are egotistical and presumptuous at best, and here is what I have to say about that…

Nobody, especially your children’s teachers, were prepared for a global pandemic that would ultimately close school for the remainder of the year. Our teachers lesson plans were created for face-to-face classroom time. They were given as much notice as everyone else about the schools being closed, with an uncertainty for how long.

To have the audacity to publicly bash these teachers for not sending your children’s lessons home the day after this happened is inappropriate and brazen. These teachers are doing the best they can with the resources they are given. This is a learning process for not only the teachers, but also the administration at each of these schools. The administration is working alongside the State of Michigan and the Michigan Department of Education to ensure that the correct lesson plans are sent out in accordance with the guidelines that are being enacted. These are uncharted waters for everyone involved, and a little bit of patience and understanding is obviously necessary here.

With the kids being off school, and some uncertainty from what the teachers are going to be sending us, it is our responsibility as parents to continue education for our children. Just as it is not our teachers jobs to discipline and instill good behaviors in our children, it is not soley their job to teach them. There are plenty of resources (most even discounted or free right now) that your children can utilize to continue their learning. As an example, we have used ABC Mouse, as well as Hooked on Phonics. There are plenty of free printouts for math sheets, reading, and even short stories that are available on all platforms. It really isn’t hard to do a little bit of research to find some learning resources for your kids.

And if none of that appeals to you? You should go with the most productive route… Personally and privately contact your child’s teacher or the administration at the school instead of rallying the other local angry parents and creating an unproductive Facebook mob. The teachers have made themselves available for questions and concerns and are eager to help wherever they can.

If you know a teacher, give thanks for them. It is especially in times like these that I am thankful for those that teach my children, and for those who have taught me. It is a thankless job, and in a world where you face such scrutiny for trying to help, it’s nice knowing that there are the few who appreciate you.



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